Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Photography Tours | Photography Tour in Morocco.

It's been a while but after a busy few months with courses here in Morocco I can finally add a post to the original Blogger platform.  Nearly all the updates and current news these days can be found at imagesinthesun but it's a good time to refresh here with an offer of an upcoming photography tour in Morocco touring the Anti-Atlas mountain range to the east of Agadir.  It's a 6 day tour with overnight single room accommodation in 2/3 star hotels and focuses on landscape photography and all types of terrain from the mountains of the Atlas near Marrakesh (includes an overnight stay here) to the desert in Morocco's south(not the dunes I might add - they're much further east).  The photography tour is by 4x4 and begins on February 20th and ends on the 25th. February is a great time of year in the Anti-Atlas as the blossom is out and it looks quite stunning.  There is just one place left to make up a group of 3 so book now.  The price is £575 so not at all bad for a 5 night, 6 day tour in some fantastic scenery.  For more information visit the images website here.

Best wishes