Thursday, 16 August 2012

The king of local sports at it's zenith in August.

Action photography is rarely covered here during the workshops but Isabel took full advantage of a Kite surfing instructor's downtime to shoot extremely well with her 70-300 during her week of photography here in Essaouira.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Photography Tours | Photography Tour in Morocco.

A brilliant self-portrait from Val Lear on a photography tour with us in the region of Tafraoute and the Anti-Atlas in Morocco.  Taken with an extreme wide angle lens during the brightest part of the day it shows some wonderful compositional sense and uses her extremely long leg to good effect:-)  To join the next photography tour in October this year, please visit our website link. You can see the rest of Val's and other galleries here.

In other news photography and cooking are proving more popular for holidays here in Essaouira especially with couples who are either both choosing to do a week's cooking course together or choosing one activity each.  Prices for two people are very reasonable so take a look at the new cooking holidays website.